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The story of the Haleakala Ranch spans a history of over 100 years, was guided by some of the most prominent and colorful individuals in Hawaii and includes the raising of beef and dairy cattle, sheep, pineapple and corn. Out of these early beginnings also emerged Haleakala Dairy and Maui Land and Pineapple Company.

In 1888, H. P. Baldwin was present at the organizational meeting of the present ranch as "a proposed purchaser of certain shares of stock," and was elected treasurer. By 1890 Mr. Baldwin had purchased a portion of the company and was elected president.

In 1899 Louis von Tempsky was hired as manager. His outstanding knowledge of horses and cattle, along with his love for the people and the land, enriched the company. He organized the first polo game on Maui. His eldest daughter, Armine, wrote many books about Hawaii. Her most famous, Born In Paradise, is the story of her youth, growing up on Haleakala Ranch.

By 1916, H. P. Baldwin's eldest and youngest sons, Harry and Sam, had acquired substantially all of the shares of the Ranch and upon the retirement of Louis von Tempsky, Sam moved his family to Maui and became manager. Sam's son, Manduke, and grandson, Peter, became subsequent managers and presidents of the ranch.

In 1927 the Ranch entered into a land exchange with the Territory of Hawaii, in anticipation of the creation of Haleakala National Park. The exchange involved over 9,500 acres, including much of Haleakala Crater.

To this day the Sam and Harry Baldwin families maintain the ranching tradition and the heritage of five generations. Preservation and conservation are key parts of our vision. In 1983 the Ranch signed a perpetual conservation easement with The Nature Conservancy of Hawaii to manage 5000 acres of valuable watershed, including protected and endangered species. We continue to partner with state, county and Federal agencies and programs to improve and preserve the land and its resources.

Haleakala Ranch is committed to preserving and maintaining its rich heritage and traditions for future generations.


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