Haleakalā – A Volcano, A Crater, A National Park


Haleakala is a dormant, but not extinct volcano, that forms the east side of Maui. The Hawaiian area is sacred to native islanders, as well as a famous destination for island visitors. Elevation is 10,023 feet. Haleakala National Park, featuring two entrances, affords visitors an amazing experience that includes distant vistas, waterfalls, rain forest, plants, wildlife, and volcanic scenery.

It is especially convenient to have a rental car for the two drives to the natl. park. You’ll discover that there are many wonderful stops along the way, as well as unexpected things to see and experience. A time schedule is never ideal when you’re on “island time”. You might want to keep in mind that parking lots do fill, due to the popularity of the park.  If that inconvenience is something you don’t wish to experience, a bus tour may suit you better.

Haleakala on the Island of Maui